DeTech has always had a naturally close relationship with those in the firefighting community for many obvious reasons and some not so obvious.  Of course we both have the same end goal in that we strive for zero fire deaths.

 One VERY profound difference is that firefighters must work in extreme conditions and put their lives on the line to do their job, while DeTech representatives do their educational programs and installations in relative comfort and a totally safe environment.  This is a difference that DeTech representatives do not take lightly, especially since many of the DeTech representatives and

Dealers are current or past firefighters.  In fact, DeTech’s president, Michael Hafeman was very instrumental as the Vice Chairman of the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety ( in helping secure the funding for the Firefighters Memorial ( that recently opened in Wisconsin Rapids, recognizing fallen firefighters from all over the State of Wisconsin.

 DeTech recognizes that over 100 firefighters die in the line of duty every year in the U.S.  And beyond that, many more are seriously injured or crippled.  Their lives will never be the same because of their sacrifice to community.  And since over 90% of firefighters in the U.S. are volunteers, it is literally a sacrifice.

 What if there were something you, the homeowner could do to help save even just one of these brave lives?  The truth is the only ones that can do something to help is each of us individually.  How you say?  By recognizing that our carelessness could possibly lead to several firefighters risking their lives; by realizing that complete and better quality fire protection can insure that everyone is out of the home safely when firefighters arrive, so they can fight the fire on their terms and not be forced to perform life-saving heroics.

 This is part of the passion of the DeTech mission. To bring awareness to each family takes a great effort to constantly remind families of what they can do to prevent fires, and how to be prepared to escape when it does happen.  Fire Departments have traditionally done a very good job in the communities to further this education, but in today’s new economy of massive cut-backs, public education is often the first thing on the chopping block.

 DeTech is helping by allocating the funds through local Independent Dealers to conduct even more free educational programs for individual families, businesses, clubs and civic groups.  They are aimed at teaching each family what can be done with new, affordable technologies that were not available ten years ago.  If more families are educated, more will consider quality protection that really works, which will save lives in the home, because everyone can get out safely…and also may save the life of a firefighter that is willing to risk it all.

 At, there are weekly updates of the tragedies that take place in the firefighting community on the front lines…and behind the scenes.